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Donnie Angkuw is a musician. Proud musician. He plays nurture music. He takes photos. He also writes through his little notebook and blog. This blog. It's about nature, beauty, and everything else. Inspiration is everywhere. It floats.

Just Hope, Don’t Expect

Happiness is ours. It is our choice to be happy. Sometimes people forget that. Our happiness is often decided by other people’s perspective. Remember, they do not own you. That’s why we tend to feel saddest the most compared to the people who tell us what to do. Cause they do not feel it. Happiness is in our mind. Your mind should set yourself to be happy. It is hard, because we have feelings. That’s why we should have faith that we can be happy.

Sometimes we feel that if we chose to be happy, it means that we forget other things we should’ve cry on. It feels that the universe will not agree with it. It feels like our choice to be happy should overcome the consequences of sad. The more you get happy, the more sad feeling you will get. It’s hard to imagine what is happiness if we don’t know the feeling of sadness. It’s like heaven and hell, or good and evil. What people tends to forget is when we chose to be happy, we shouldn’t be worried about the consequences. Happiness is what life wants us to be. Don’t spend the rest of your life thinking about the sad part and ignoring happiness. It’s not right. It just not right. Remember mindset. It is our choice. Pretend that you do not care. Then you will understand. 

Just hope, do not expect. Let’s hope that we can be happy. Add a little expectation is good enough, because we all should know that the outcome comes from Above, not us.

Live your life a little.

Space Travel

What awaits you

A dream Is not a dream

Look up

Look below

It’s all there

It’s all here

What you’re looking for isn’t here

What you’re looking for isn’t anywhere to be found

It’s always in the heart

Where there is blood, there’s always misunderstanding

Where there is blood, there’s always such miscommunication

Communication breakdown

But a dream will live

As long as we survive

This is the journey of everything we’ve been dreaming for

The phase of life. So many things happen. Good things, bad things. Happy, sad, lonely, apart, peace, angry, desperate. This song is about one and all of them. How grateful I am to accomplish one more phase in my life. Keep going, explore, dream and do.

You can’t go back to your past. Nor you can’t go to tomorrow or next week if you’re not in the existence. When life supports you, you feel it. I really enjoy myself right now. As I am about to go and accomplish so many things. It’s an adventure. Sometimes all you have to do is walk step by step. Enjoy the phase.

Guitar Effects
The more it’s gone, the more it takes away.
Photo from time


The more it’s gone, the more it takes away.

Photo from time

Thoughts of Astonishment


I was talking to my friend months ago about a band called The Sleep Design. Deep inside I kind of thought about what kind of name is that. But then when I heard the one song, I kind of think about how they come up with that name. Only months after the talking, I listened to the full album. It’s a relaxing music. Post rock if you would say. I must say that this kind of magic really moves me all along. From the feelings and through the soul. This kind of music really show me about how I can see a beauty from everything especially nature.

Imagine you lay down in a field full of grass and flowers. With your head looking up to the sky. How you can see the stars, how you can see the beautiful field of wonders. All you can feel is how thankful you are. Really inspiring and full of astonishment.

There are lots of this music out there. And I am glad I found more of them. Dear The Sleep Design, Lights & Motion, Explosions In The Sky, Moonlit Sailor, God Is An Astronaut and of course many others. I thank you for the inspirations you gave me.

I can only pray that I can inspire people just like they inspired me.

What’s your tomorrow?

Nobody Really Does It Like Liam Gallagher
Photo from truffleshuffle

Nobody Really Does It Like Liam Gallagher

Photo from truffleshuffle