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My own rendition of music in the summer.

*from the vault

Bike on Flickr.Bike

Bike on Flickr.


Trees on Flickr.

Trees on Flickr.

An interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature. It’s not about the singer or the lyrics or everything. It’s about a simple phrase called nature and the melody in it. The title really says it all. Imagine the calmness in nature. Honestly I really don’t know the lyrics of the song well but the music deserve a big gratitude.

The Monologue

There is a story about a young adult who gave his all belief to one goal. His goal was to change the world in one click. What he think is that he can change people. He think that if he change people, he make the world a better place. It’s easier to tell people what to do than to do it by himself.

Well, sometimes the lesson comes sooner rather than later. It is what we used to think isn’t it? It doesn’t work that way. We should realise that telling people what to do, makes an opportunity for us to make a promise. That we should tell ourselves first. It doesn’t mean that we’re more valuable than any other people. It just means that in order to change people, we make sure that we change ourselves first. We are an example for people to follow us.

People might hurt you, but they do not own you. People might tell you to go down, but they do not have the authority to put you down. You own yourself. You tell yourself what to do.

Do not live by other people’s perspective. Because when the time come to get sad, that people might not come soon enough. But you will have yourself and your heart stood by and be with you. Believe in yourself, embrace yourself. It’s a fragile life, but it’s still a good life. We can still work this out.

“Let (help) me get this straight.”

—   DA
Look for the good things. It’s everywhere around you.
Aurora Borealis, Sweden
Source: Aurora

The Disorder World (Get out, get right, it’s us against the world)

Even when the world seems good, there’s always a downside in the field. Even the best soldier might not win the war. Too many obstacle lies within. Too many lies. Too many egos. One person always think about how they will survive even though they can’t. They always do the every way even though it is the wrong path and tunnel. You can’t live like that. You can’t live and go with with it everyday in order to survive yourself. You should be ashamed in doing that. Where’s the conscious?

The person in the photo above doesn’t have any correlation whatsoever with the writing. What I really admire is the expression in the photo. Looking up as there was something but really there is nothing to be looked upon. It seems like she’s looking into an empty wall. There is something to look at. It’s the wall we can look into. But is there really something there? No.

Maybe it is what is like to look to an empty person. There is something there, but nothing to look up to. You can see that they seem to know what they’re doing but really what they really do is against their own will. It against their own heart. They should really realize that even the smallest thing could have saved them. Even the smallest idea could be the best and the right thing to do. But people tend to get scared before even doing it.

But really when you realized, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re designed to do things. You’re designed to get the best out of you. It’s there. It’s really there. The way to fix things is to do what you’re heart tells you to do. If you’re not comfortable with what you’re doing right now it means that your heart is telling you to do something else. Something right perhaps. You can do this. You can win this. You’ve been given things because you can fix things, not destroy them.

Get out, get right, it’s us against the world.

“A Good Day To Die Hard”

—   A Good Day To Die Hard Film (2013)

Just Hope, Don’t Expect

Happiness is ours. It is our choice to be happy. Sometimes people forget that. Our happiness is often decided by other people’s perspective. Remember, they do not own you. That’s why we tend to feel saddest the most compared to the people who tell us what to do. Cause they do not feel it. Happiness is in our mind. Your mind should set yourself to be happy. It is hard, because we have feelings. That’s why we should have faith that we can be happy.

Sometimes we feel that if we chose to be happy, it means that we forget other things we should’ve cry on. It feels that the universe will not agree with it. It feels like our choice to be happy should overcome the consequences of sad. The more you get happy, the more sad feeling you will get. It’s hard to imagine what is happiness if we don’t know the feeling of sadness. It’s like heaven and hell, or good and evil. What people tends to forget is when we chose to be happy, we shouldn’t be worried about the consequences. Happiness is what life wants us to be. Don’t spend the rest of your life thinking about the sad part and ignoring happiness. It’s not right. It just not right. Remember mindset. It is our choice. Pretend that you do not care. Then you will understand. 

Just hope, do not expect. Let’s hope that we can be happy. Add a little expectation is good enough, because we all should know that the outcome comes from Above, not us.

Live your life a little.